Sunday Respite: “The Moment” by Sarah Jinright

Written September 11, 2001
Posted September 11, 2010, in remembrance

In but a moment, so it seemed, in one
collisioned, crashing moment, learned we all
what is for leaping souls to blot the sun–
felt we all two symbols shake and fall.
What dawning horror shook our hearts into
the night and burned, as did the fires, filling
freedom’s skies with heat.
What smoldering resolve with each review,
with every image, wills to war from spilling
souls; we will respond with marching feet.

In but a moment, so it seemed, in one
unuttered scream-like moment, papers scatter,
flutter, fall, the ashes of those gone–
A dusting of their dreams–the loss of latter
laughter, love and living, smiles and giving,
morning greetings at the entry door.
The silence settles now
While those remaining, stare, and face reliving
scene by scene the horror of before–
remembrance in a never-slowing snow.

In but a moment, so it seemed, in one
horrific, heaving moment, all we knew
of peace and past lost itself, undone,
within the blast, stormed and billowed to
the aching sky, and pillowed there the still
of those stopped voices and the choices they
would make within the day.
Remember now, America! With will
and soul, remember this! For minstrel hearts will stay
on key if tuned aright with yesterday.

By Sarah Jinright

Used by permission.


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