Personal Oasis

Time for another break.  We’ll do this week’s Sunday Hymnary, and then put the blog out to pasture for a few weeks.  Want to take some time off this summer to refresh my spirit, do some reading and enjoy my family while there’s no school.  We are finally unburied from the snow, and I feel like Maria when she explained why she was out twirling on a mountain top singing, “…the hills are alive with the sound of music…”:

“…everything was so green and fragrant…I just had to be a part of it.”

Lilacs are blooming in the front yard, forsythia outside my kitchen window.  Lovely leaves are coming out in our stand of trees and down at the city park (there are dozens of giant cottonwood trees there–click on the link below to see).  We’ll go…after the flying fluff dies down. 🙂 There are piles of foofie white things blooming outside in the back that are very pretty, though I’m sure they’re some kind of noxious weed.  The hummingbirds love them!

Even the grasses here are beautiful.  Every shade and hue of green in the palette, and even some that have a soft plummy color.  When they are not mowed, they move in waves like the sea.

So, if you’re bent on sitting at the computer, check out the archives…click on the “Good Places to Go”…but make sure you get outside to get your toes in the grass!

If you’re a city kid, or you sadly don’t have a terrific city park like we do, here are some options for you:


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