With an Eye Toward the Upcoming National Day of Prayer

God sent me an empowering gift in my email today.  Sitting home alone, while the family is together at church.  Because of health challenges, my gifts sit on the shelf much of the time.  What can I do to serve?  How can I still make a difference on this Lord’s Day?  I got my reminder:

Prayer is work because a Christian simply can’t “make a living” without it.  He can’t live a Christian life at all if he doesn’t pray.~Elisabeth Elliot

Once again, “my friend” came through.  Telling me the hard things with a loving heart.  I can pray.  I can watch God do wonderful, powerful things when I pray…starting with His work in me (which is most challenging, to be sure).

I loved the conclusion of this piece:

One way of laying down our lives is by praying for somebody.  In prayer I am saying, in effect, “my life for yours.”  My time, my energy, my thought, my concern, my concentration, my faith–here they are, for you. So it is that I participate in the work of Christ.  So it is that no work of faith, no labor of love, no smallest prayer is ever lost, but, like the smoke of the incense on the golden altar, rises from the hand of the angel before God.

Wonderful words.  What a balm.  What a tremendous re-focusing of thought and energy.  In this season of life when there is much introspection and, of necessity, self-focus (how do I feel?  How does this particular therapy affect this?  What symptoms are lessening/worsening?) it is exciting to consider that I can leap over that and back out into the race…through prayer.

Go here to read the entire devotional, “Notes on Prayer.”  You need it.  We all do.


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