Sunday Hymnary: “I Am Your Hymn Book”

Something a little different this week. As a collector of old and antique hymn books, this resonated with me.  I love the image, too…this could easily be my bookshelf.  This text is from the flyleaf of Tabernacle Hymns No. 5, printed in 1959:


Next to the Bible, I should be your most
treasured book.

Hold me in your hand on Sunday when you
prepare to sing.

Let your heart listen to what has been
enshrined within me.

Hear the songs and the triumphant words
of the martyrs dying for a faith the same as yours.

Give heed to the prayers of devout men who
have found the heart of God.

Follow the missionaries of the Cross on their
way to the ends of the earth.

Listen to the great minds of the Church as
they share with you the deep mysteries
of the plan and purpose of the eternal God.

Sit at the feet of the musicians and poets, of
the saints and the redeemed in all lands
and times, of all those who have seen the
hunger in the heart unsatisfied except through song.

All these I have treasured…for you.

I am your hymn book.


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