On Beth Moore

If you are a Beth Moore fan, you may want to consider this post that I came across at the Sharper Iron blog.  I confess, I was not at all familiar with her.  I knew she was popular and that I had heard some speak highly of some of her books.  I had her site on my blogroll.  Then, a kind and godly gentleman who wandered onto my blog made some observations about her leanings and teachings about which I had not been aware.  He said he was surprised to find her listed on my site, given the quality of the other resources we provide here.  That had me thinking in exclamation points.  When I researched the matter, I pulled the link to her website from my list.

Whatever your feelings are about John Piper, it would be a worthwhile project for you to go to this page and follow the various links and discussion.  Be a good Berean and study this out.


3 thoughts on “On Beth Moore

  1. Thanks “B” for the link. Here is another I just came across that provides additional background. It is written by a gal who has been through 3 of Beth Moore’s studies…so not somebody speaking from ignorance.

  2. Sorry about that — the name’s Brenda.

    Yes, I also read that blog entry you linked to in your comment.

    Like you, I wish more would actually compare Moore’s teaching to Scripture rather than accept what she says/writes without question.

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