The Gospel

You think you know what it is?  Listen again.  If you have misunderstood, you will be educated.  If you are already a new creature in Christ, you’ll be edified.  If you have come to the point where you view the gospel as basic and you feel you’ve moved on to “bigger things,” (mercy) please listen. The Gospel Primer would be another healthful thing for you, my friend.  As it has been said, all of us need to stop playing marbles with diamonds.

This is probably the most comprehensive, compassionate, simple treatment of the gospel I’ve heard in nearly 30 years.  No hellfire and brimstone.  Just truth.  If you know me, and wonder why I am not the same person you knew in high school, and I’ve not had the opportunity to explain to you personally, you need to hear this.

Will you listen?   It is only one hour out of your life.  You’ll give it to sports, to shopping, to hobbies.  Will you please give an hour to Him?

This will be my only post this week, until the Sunday Hymnary.  I want everyone who comes this week to receive this invitation without distraction.


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