“Thy List Be Done”~Elisabeth Elliot

Yet another area in which I find a kindred spirit in EE.  I love lists.  In a way, I feel I conquer a scrap of my pride by keeping them…acknowledging my weakness (that I can’t remember everything!).  I had a friend in college who, at the end of the day, would write down all the things he’d done that day, and then he’d check them off.  There’s something satisfying in that, too…the sense of accomplishment when we’ve completed our tasks.  But there’s a bigger agenda, and we must remember that whatever our Father “pencils in” on our schedule  unexpectedly (or chooses to erase from what we’ve already written down) is done in perfect wisdom.  He has the ability to look at everyone’s Daytimers at the same time, and He also knows what His purposes are for this moment all across our planet and in the entire expanse of the Universe in which it rolls around.  Make sure the first thing on your list is time with Him (and don’t just show up out of duty, so you can check it off as “done”) …mercy.  The great God of the Universe desires to meet with you!

I am a list-maker. Every day I make a list of what I must do. I have an engagement calendar and an engagement book. I have a grocery list on the wall beside the refrigerator, last year’s Christmas list in this year’s engagement book (so I won’t duplicate gifts), a master list for packing my suitcase (so I won’t forget anything), a prayer list (a daily one and a special one for each day of the week), and several others.

Recently a wholly unexpected minor operation badly interrupted my list of things to be done that week.  But because God is my sovereign Lord, I was not worried.  He manages perfectly, day and night, year in and year out, the movements of the stars, the wheeling of the planets, the staggering coordination of events that goes on on the molecular level in order to hold things together.  There is no doubt that he can manage the timing of my days and weeks. So I can pray in confidence, Thy list, not mine, be done.


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