“Taking Chance”

Regardless of how you feel about the war, and whether our troops should be there or not…you need to see this.  The message of this film is not pro or con, it is about honor.  It is about patriotism.  If you are grateful for your freedoms in this country, and that there are men and women in uniform who are dedicated to watching your back, you need to see this.  A fine piece.  It is not a Christian film.  We got a copy at a service station in Dubois (Chance’s hometown) the last time we passed through on our way back from Jackson Hole.  It was great to watch with the kids (yes, as with any war-oriented movie, there are a few “words” but fairly mild all things considered).  They will never view Memorial Day the same way again.  This, literally, brings it home for them.  Chance’s mother was recently at a local meeting of the Republican National Convention.  Our pastor, a 20-year Navy vet, was moved by her testimony.


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