Don’t Touch?

This is from Marilyn Janke at Ribtickler:

What is the response of most women when they see a new baby? After cooing, “Isn’t he/she cu-u-ute!”, we often reach out and touch the arm, the little feet, the blanket—something. As soon as that baby can grasp something, the next stop is usually its mouth. An early maxim for our kids is “Don’t touch that!” We’re constantly on alert for small articles that could be swallowed. What about buying an item? We’ll test for ripeness in the soft give in a peach, scrunch fabric from a bolt of cloth, tap a wind chime. Sometimes just walking by an item in a store is enough to make us reach out and touch the shininess of it. One of my earliest memories of walking through a store was a reminder to keep my hands behind my back. What was in Eve’s mind when she told Satan that she wasn’t allowed to touch the fruit? Was she protecting herself, knowing that, if she touched it, she might take it?

I like gals who try and strap the sandals on and make the Word come alive.  It is a living text, “quick, powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.”  God protect us from handling this Book in the same humdrum way that we would the sales flier addressed to “Occupant.”


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