Hi…what’s your name?

I have a Facebook profile.  I cannot honestly say I am a big Facebooker, though.  I don’t play games, I don’t send pieces of flair or eggs, it is work for me to update my “status”.  Pitiful, I know.  It’s just not my thing.  If someone wants to know who I am, they need to come here.  I have never been a big group person (I could care less how many Facebook “friends” I have accumulated–some folks seem to collect them like baseball cards!)…I am more a quiet chat one-on-one person, which is how the blog feels to me.

I saw this article at the Christianity Today website which I found interesting.  It was talking about how people describe themselves “religiously” on Facebook.  What terms do folks use to identify themselves?  Some avoid the word “Christian” because it does not seem specific enough, or because the term has been so watered down in our culture to mean anyone remotely having any connection with the person of Christ, however superficial.

Some Christians say they are “Bible believers” (but there again, what do you believe about it?) or “followers of Jesus,” which I guess might be the best choice if you are still desiring to communicate an identification with Christ and an intent to obey and emulate Him.  I guess if I were to choose a phrase, it would probably be something like “Pardoned by God’s mercy, gratefully striving to live for Him.”  Still not very concise or catchy.

Some individuals choose “hip” sounding handles like “Jesus Freak”…ugh.  And then there’s Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll, whose profile simply states “Religion Sucks.”  I get what he’s saying, but I think there’s a better way to communicate that position. 😦  Still others try and formulate a brief “doctrinal statement” which distills their faith into a catchy phrase. I could never be that concise I don’t think!

How do you choose to identify yourself (on Facebook or otherwise)?  Baptist?  Fundamentalist (that’s a tricky one too these days)? Christian? However you choose to do it, be sure to walk worthy of the name Christian (“little Christ”–striving to be like Him).


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