Book Reviews

If you are interested in what’s out there for women to read these days, I have done a couple book reviews for Sharper Iron.  Click the links to read the reviews:

Soon I’ll be working on a review of “And She Lived Happily Ever After” by Skip McDonald.  The subtitle is “Finding fulfillment as a single woman.”  Having gotten married just days prior to my 30th birthday, I am interested to read this and hopefully offer some encouragement to single gals as well.  Stay tuned! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Hola! I don’t know how I’ll ever read all of the great book ideas I receive from you, but I’m going to try! I’m particularly interested in the 1st one and bookmarked the site where the link took me. Is that for your church, Mountainview?! Have a terrific Tuesday night, smiles

  2. Well, if you read the review, you’ll see that I did not exactly highly recommend that one. If you tell me the topic you are interested in, though, I can probably recommend a book on the topic!

  3. That sounds great, thank you! Oh man, now I know how the review ends…ha-ha. Seriously, I do look forward to reading everything you wrote when I have a little bit more time to read it in detail. I figured bookmarking it will help me remember exactly where to find it! I am particularly interested in God’s role for women both at home and in the community. Again, thank you!

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