Weight Watchers and the Believer

The new 4-digit extra capacity model. Yikes.

Most everyone makes some sort of resolution to lose weight (or at least reform their dietary habits) after the holidays.  All those goodies add up, don’t they?  Three people bought me gourmet chocolate for Christmas.  Now, I can delude myself into thinking I must be so svelte that they saw no problem in selecting high calorie treats for me…or I can wake up and smell the mocha latte.  *Sigh*…

We have probably all “watched the weight” increase!  I found this insightful excerpt by surprise the other day, and thought it might be just the thing to jumpstart some of you Weight Watchers out there (whether you are following this particular program or not).

I have just read Jean Nidetch’s book on the Weight Watchers, and while it is obvious that her basic theme (that people get fat because they eat) is hardly a world-shaking discovery, her method is one that made her a millionaire: get people to work at their problems together. Reducing doesn’t just happen. It isn’t a thing the majority succeed in doing all by themselves.

She doesn’t let them make up their own diet as they go along–that’s what put the fat on them in the first place. She doesn’t suggest that losing weight is best done when you feel like it. She doesn’t even say that it works only if you are being “yourself.”

In fact, I was reminded throughout the book of how many analogies there are between losing weight and practicing Christianity. There are rules to obey. You will to obey them. Some people insist that the devotional life
is somehow purer or better if it is pursued only when we feel like it. Worship for some is thought to be an “experience” rather than an act. Losing weight is also an experience–there’s no doubt about that–in fact, the expression “being born again” occurs in the testimonies of those who have done it. But losing weight most certainly has to begin with an act.

It is an act of the will. You decide to do this and not to do that. You must arrange, prepare, and carefully carry out your plan. The combustion of those daily calories will happen without fail, but only when the conditions are properly set up. ~Elisabeth Elliot from All That Was Ever Ours


3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers and the Believer

  1. Hola & Amen! You’ll see on my blog, that my weight loss journey is very much designed on the strength I pray for God to give me. Ultimately, He led me to Weight Watchers as a tool so that I may fulfill His purpose for my life!

    BTW – Nice scale. Now if only God could drop down a scale for us to measure how we are doing in his eyes…ha-ha!

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