“Flattening Out Life” –perspective from my brother Dave

Dave Cannon and his wife Stephanie, when they came out in 2004 and went to Yellowstone with us.

I sent my brother a message yesterday, to thank him for calling to wish me a “Happy Birthday.”  I needed it.  I miss my Dad more on these special occasions, and Dave is very much like him.  I was sadly missing my Dad’s big bear hugs and giant “smooches” on the cheek, and when Dave signed off last night, he said, “I wish I was there to give you a big hug and a smooch” – it was like a message from Heaven.  I cherish my brother’s friendship.  He is one of my favorite people.  Here is an excerpt from his email from this morning.  I think you’ll see why I think he’s special, and perhaps his words will inspire you as well.

…The older I have gotten the greater the tendency I find toward “flattening out life” so that all days look like and get treated like they are all the same. While I am certain that Ecclesiastes has got something really good to say about that somewhere, I’m also equally certain that this happens because of things like my laziness and just letting life go on in shades of gray without blowing the whistle on my own dullness. …Each day is a gift from God and while it will come with its share of reminders that we are fallen and so is everything around us…each is nonetheless a precious, precious gift where the marvelous glory of God still radiates out of the gray shadows for those who will take the time to gratefully look. Not long ago I started wondering about something. It was a concept I remembered from one or two Renaissance poems I recall from British Lit. years ago back in my BJU experience. While the indulgent poets perverted the truth for their own purposes I still couldn’t shake the lesson that emerges in God’s Word as well. Carpe Diem–seize the day! So this is the day that the Lord hath made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it! And I am glad for you and your special 48th–with its roses and smooches from the little Heeneys and coffee ice cream that a thoughtful husband who can’t stand the stuff thought enough to get for you. Don’t let all those divine fingerprints just quietly pass you by. Here’s desiring that the joy of the Lord is your strength on your special birthday, and on this “special day” that follows it.


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