We’ve been watching a PBS Classic on Masterpiece Theatre, Sunday nights after church.  The series is called “Cranford,” taken from books by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I have not read the books, but the episodes have been delightful.  Here is a synopsis. It has been refreshing to find such quality entertainment with no objectionable elements.

The story is rather Austen-esque, dealing with the superficialities and petty concerns of the wealthy, and the struggles of human hearts, both rich and poor.  My husband (who had no time for Austen’s Willoughby and Edward Ferrars) has even enjoyed the plot, which creatively weaves drama, humor, and romance together in a charming revelation of nobility as manifested in all walks of life.

You can view the full episodes online here for a limited time.  This is one worth purchasing.  The cinematography is not perhaps as lovely as some other portrayals from this time period, but this is wonderful entertainment for the entire family.  The last episode airs this Sunday at 9 pm (at least for us).  Check here for local listings.


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