A Thanksgiving Safety Tip…this could save your life, your home, your dinner! (seriously–please watch this)

When you are swirling those delicious drippings in your pan on top of the stove, please remember this tip.  I did not know this.  Really, we think this is the kind of thing that happens to “someone else”. I can attest to the fact that holiday disasters can happen very close to home.  Please watch this very brief clip, ply your culinary wizardry with care, and enjoy a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, friends.


3 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Safety Tip…this could save your life, your home, your dinner! (seriously–please watch this)

  1. It’s interesting how every single issue and topic and life all goes back to John Calvin. Would an Armenian say you have freewill to cook carefully or to buy a fire extinguisher? Would a Calvinist say that argument goes up in smoke (no pun intended) because if you were predestined to have a grease fire there’s nothing you can do to stop it?

  2. I forgot to mention, that post was not intended as sarcasm or humor, even though it may appear to be one or the other. I don’t know where I stand on this topic. It seems to me that whichever side is correct, then wouldn’t it affect all areas of life? If we are going to live our lives either as Armenians or Calvinists, shouldn’t we believe that those issues affect every area of life?

  3. Well, I for one believe that this is unresolved in scripture. I would not say it goes back to John Calvin, but rather that the sovereignty of God is present in scripture as well as the responsibility of man. It is one of those things that “belongs to God”. I think this is deliberate on God’s part so that we do not become too reckless or complacent (“whatever will be will be” not in a fatalistic manner, but in a “God will do what He chooses, regardless of what I do”), nor too controlling or arrogant. Perhaps that is where sayings like, “Pray as if everything is up to God; plan as if everything is up to you” come from. In either case, I hope you enjoy a safe holiday giving thanks for a God who cannot be entirely figured out by finite human beings. 🙂

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