Friday Funnies: “Even Though You’re Fat…”

This video reminds me of a little three year old we knew years ago.  She was standing outside on an upside down laundry basket, while “preaching” to the flapping towels and tshirts.  Her sermon consisted of this:  “You’re fat!  Amen!  Let’s pray!” 🙂  Fortunately I was inside, so I knew she wasn’t talking to me!  It does make one wonder what seminary she attended…

Here’s one other such charming child:


2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies: “Even Though You’re Fat…”

  1. My son used to say “Dad, you’re getting a bit waistful” and gesture to indicate my expanding middle… then he’d ad “You need to skinny up.” I’m not any skinnier, but lately he doesn’t seem to feel the need to point it out like he used to… growin’ up I guess.

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