Veggie Flavored Jelly?

“Jelly Telly” is Phil Vischer’s (aka Bob the Tomato, Jimmy Gourd, Pa Grape…) Christian alternative to the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

We are not big fans of Big Idea.  There are a few stories we have enjoyed (“The Toy That Saved Christmas” for one…though even that one could be more to the point), but the ones that re-tell biblical accounts we usually pass on.  Someone bought us their version of Esther and I think my mouth dropped open when the main character (not really sure what kind of veggie she was) blatantly stated, “No, I’m not gonna!  No one asked me if I wanted to be queen…”  Yikes.  I will confess, though, that we liked a couple of the older “Silly Songs” (“The Hairbrush Song,” “Barbara Manatee,” and “The Water Buffalo Song” to name a few).  All that to say, we think Veggie Tales is more about “Saturday morning fun” than “Sunday morning values.”  But now Phil Vischer is serious about educating kids. Here’s what he’s thinking.

Thirty minutes a day can include characters (some puppets, some animation, some plain old people) sharjellying information about church history, theology, creation science and more.  A few minutes touring the site acquaints you with “Brother Louie,” who shares theology with “flair” (words fail)…a band called the “God Rocks” (just what it sounds like) offers musical …uh…stimulation as well as another couple of musicians called the “Bentley Brothers” (big hair, 70’s prom tuxes, and an attempt at retro sound).

So, if you are not a Veggie Tales fan, you’ll probably get indigestion from Jelly Telly for the same reasons.  Much the same flavor (pun intended).


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