“Screwtape” Ringtones? Wha…??


Released just last month (presumably to target the Halloween crowd), the Focus on the Family Radio Theater has come out with a dramatic production of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis.  But the offerings, and the manner in which they are being offered disturbs my spirit.  I read this small book some years ago, and somewhere in a box we have a version on cassette.  For my part, it served to create a heightened sense of the spiritual warfare that occurs each day, in each of our lives.  Here is the description from the website:

“Featuring a top-notch cast, cinema-quality sound and more than four hours of delightfully disturbing (and often diabolically humorous) entertainment, The Screwtape Letters will open your eyes and ears to the devil’s schemes — and to the One who has overcome them.”

Was this really the author’s intent?  Delight?  And would he support the free downloads offered, such as wallpaper, ringtones (including “Screwtape’s Revenge,” and “Underworld March”), computer icons (featuring a demon with glowing eyes, flames, and flying pitchforks) and other “infernal devices”?  To look at the website, you begin to wonder who the “star” of this show really is.

Admittedly, I am an absolute Scrooge when it comes to Halloween, so my sensibilities are perhaps more offended than most.  Doesn’t this just play into the hand of the adversary’s agenda, to entice us to be entertained by (and even laugh at) Satan and his minions and devices?

Is this really all in the name of fun, or should believers be concerned?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on ““Screwtape” Ringtones? Wha…??

  1. What do I think? I think you are a brave person for daring to question this type of fiction on any site associated with SI. I personally don’t bow down to and almost worship CS Lewis or Tolkien. I personally didn’t find the Lord Of The Rings movies to be an uplifting spiritual experience rated slightly higher and more beneficial than attending Vespers at BJU. Actually, I thought the Lord Of The Rings movies were bizarre, demonic, and just weird. Maybe I’m am an ignoble, gauche, uneducated clod, but personally I just get an uplifting spiritual experience from this type of fiction. I seem to be in the minority. On the other hand, I seem to be in the minority as well in that I don’t find U2 music to be uplifting and a wonderful Christian experience. It’s not my place to say whether another Christian “can” watch these wierd fiction movies or listen to U2 music. Frankly I don’t care. Mainly, I personally find it bizarre that so many conservative fundamentalists find these weird entertainers as spiritual leaders and not just entertainers.

  2. Sorry for the typos. I need to slow down. :)……..I forgot to mention Star Wars. I saw the movie once, back in the 70’s and didn’t feel the need to write home about it. Actually, I remember being bored and wondering why I didn’t pick another movie to go to instead. The last thing Star Wars is to me is a great, uplifting, encouraging Christian movie. Again, I couldn’t care less what people see in their movie viewing habits, but count me as someone who finds it bizarre that Star Wars, Tolkien, CS Lewis, and U2 are wonderful examples of a transcendent worship experience.

  3. I suppose someone who views The Screwtape Letters as a purely secular source of entertainment (like “Lord of the Rings” or “Star Wars”) with no intent to edify would have no problem with the things I addressed in my post. Don’t get me wrong…I think there is some spiritual benefit that can be derived from some of Lewis’ things. My personal opinion is that folks go overboard with stuff like the Narnia series, though, attempting to make seamless scriptural, allegorical applications from them. I am not saying Screwtape is devoid of benefit for a Christian reader/listener. Lewis has a way of bringing reality blatantly before ones eyes in works like Screwtape and Mere Christianity. He was “transparent” before it was hip to be so in fundamental circles. He dared to put in print what has likely been in the thoughts of most Christians at one time or other. Would I go out and buy a C.S. Lewis t-shirt? No. But I think good can be gleaned from his stuff, with discernment (see my “Official Disclaimer” in the side bar). 🙂

    And, FWIW, I enjoyed many a Sunday vespers at BJU.

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