The Praying Chair


This one looks very much like mine!

The other day we got a phone call from one of the ladies in our church.  She is the one who is above me on our “prayer chain” list.  My daughter happened to be the one to answer the phone, and upon identifying the caller, she brought the cell phone to me, explaining, “Mom, it’s Mrs. Shaver. She has a praying chair request.”

Now, Erin was having one of those verbally dyslexic days, and we all snickered at how “prayer chain request” came out of her mouth.  But days later while smiling about it, I thought how I have always had a special chair where I do business with God.  It is my “closet” (because there is no such thing as a closet in the scriptural sense when you have three children and a mischievous kitty).  It is indeed my praying chair.  Do you have one?  How often are you found there?  Is the seat often warm? 🙂


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