Cowboy Bible Conference

cowboy-sunsetOur church hosted its first Cowboy Bible Conference this week.  It was a great time, ministering to and with the guys and gals who ride the range.  I posted some pix here on our church web site.  These folks are the genuine article…men who wear frock coats, spurs, chaps, silk kerchieves and Stetsons on a daily basis, not just to line dance.  They use words that are carefully written into western movie scripts (like “britches,” “savvy” and “waddy”) in daily conversation.

Bro Ron Ehman, director of Northwest Baptist Missions, was our special speaker.  Last night, he presented one of those thoughts that just echoes in your soul.  Something you know; but because of the simplicity and straightforwardness of it, you are made to consider it afresh.  In describing salvation, he said,

“You hand to Jesus all of your sin, and then He hands you all of His righteousness.”


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