“Poetry With Power to Strengthen the Soul”

Lifting-WeightI found this poem recently and discovered it is included in an online file with Project Gutenberg.  This is taken from a book titled “Poems With Power to Strengthen the Soul”.  It is a great anthology (and it’s free!) full of empowering thoughts by many authors including P.P. Bliss, Horatius Bonar, John Bunyan, William Cowper, Robert Herrick, Adoniram Judson, Martin Luther, John Milton, Hannah More, John Newton, Christina Rossetti, Harriett B. Stowe, Charles Wesley, Ernest R. Wilberforce, and many more.    Go here to flip through it.


Since thy Father’s arm sustains thee,
Peaceful be;
When a chastening hand restrains thee,
It is he.
Know his love in full completeness
Fills the measure of thy weakness;
If He wound the spirit sore,
Trust him more.
Without murmur, uncomplaining,
In His hand.
Lay whatever things thou canst not
Though the world thy folly spurneth,
From thy faith in pity turneth,
Peace thy inmost soul shall fill,
Lying still.
Like an infant, if thou thinkest
Thou canst stand,
Childlike, proudly pushing back
The offered hand,
Courage soon is changed to fear,
Strength doth feebleness appear;
In his love if thou abide,
He will guide.
Fearest sometimes that thy Father
Hath forgot?
When the clouds around thee gather,
Doubt him not.
Always hath the daylight broken;
Always hath He comfort spoken;
Better hath he been for years
Than thy fears.
Therefore, whatsoe’er betideth,
Night or day,
Know His love for thee provideth
Good alway.
Crown of sorrow gladly take;
Grateful wear it for His sake;
Sweetly bending to his will,
Lying still.
To his own thy Saviour giveth
Daily strength.
To each troubled soul that liveth,
Peace at length.
Weakest lambs have largest share
Of the tender Shepherd’s care;
Ask him not the “When,” or “How”;
Only bow.
—Charles Rudolf Hagenbach.

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