Seeker Sensitive Blogging v. My Sponge

121sponge“Strength For Today” is mainly a seeker-sensitive blog.  I am not much into soapboxing, and I am not by nature one who rants.  I share what I learn, what I read, what I find, in hopes that it might strengthen somebody else along the way.  Most of my posts are simply throwing out good resources.  Rarely do I seek to be controversial (on purpose, tho living true to the scripture does lend itself to this).  I don’t like to argue for the sake of arguing, and I won’t encourage conversation on this blog that degenerates into that.  Much of blogging seems to fit this bill, and I tire of it easily.  If I am writing just to see myself in print, or watch my “ticker” escalate, or stir up attention, I am, as 1 Corinthians 13 says, “a noisy gong or clanging cymbal.”  I keep an eye on my stats–primarily what terms are googled and how many hits certain posts may get–so that I can meet the needs of those who are looking for help here.  The is the blog of a care giver.

One of the great revelations of this past week’s “Personal Oasis” is that I need more of it.  I won’t bore you with the logistics and details, but suffice it to say that those who are care givers by nature are usually the last to understand when their sponge is dry, so to speak.  Mine, I have found, is wrung-out, and has been for some months.  I’ve been squeezing one more drop out for this lesson, a trickle for that post, a tablespoon or two for this speaking opportunity…  I found myself reading with abandon this week, in some sort of exuberant feeding frenzy–reading scripture and great edifying stuff, just for me.  Not to prepare for “something,” but just to feed my soul.  I’m going to take more time for this.

So, that said, I will be gone for awhile.  I don’t know how long.  I am learning to “spin my plates” anew.  If you scurry around the blog and see something you’d like to read more about, or discuss further, or ideas to improve it, simply comment on this post or use the email form.  The comments go immediately to my personal email account, and I’ll file them there for consideration and fodder for future posting.  Your feedback helps me serve effectively.

See you in a little while.



One thought on “Seeker Sensitive Blogging v. My Sponge

  1. Enjoy your break! I wondered how you did it all. Thank you for being humble enough to admit that you too need rest. May God be a renewed source of joy and encouragement to you during this time.

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