FYI: BJU’s Response to the SOTL Book Review

For those of you who have followed the interaction regarding Dr. Jaeggli’s book, BJU has now posted a response to the book review by Dr. Shelton Smith. Here is a small excerpt:

Dr. Smith’s review attempts to cast doubt on the linguistic arguments in the book about the use of the Hebrew and Greek words for wine and strong drink by asserting that “other definitive studies” disagree with the author’s conclusions. These sources remain unnamed and uncited, offering no support to justify the reviewer’s claims. In spite of the fact that standard linguistic sources support the conclusions of the book’s author, who is himself a Hebrew linguist and professor, Smith disagrees with the author and rejects what he says.

Click here to view it.


One thought on “FYI: BJU’s Response to the SOTL Book Review

  1. Thanks for posting this Diane–I’ve been VERY LAX in blogging, etc. and I don’t think I would have run across this w/out you 🙂 I printed it for my hubs.

    I enjoyed your homeschool post re: your son’s comment–one day you’ll be in my shoes and look at the first year w/out homeschool — although these last two years I did very little but facilitate–once they get in High School they can do a lot on their own (we did the satellite-live classes and some taped). Just a couple more weeks and we’ll be taking him to BJ (yikes!) –thus the no blogging or reading–SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME!!

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