Memory in Jeopardy?

This good post at Bro Larry’s “Stuff Out Loud” blog got me thinking…what do I do, aside from my quiet time, to marinate and familiarize my mind with the Scriptures?  I like Bible quizzes (I still remember at the camp I went to as a teen…the top points for the week’s competition went to the team that won the Bible quiz on Friday afternoon–that’s putting priorities where they belong!).  In this spirit, here’s something fun for you to try.

jeopardy-2_screen2If you’ve ever watched the game show “Jeopardy!” you’ve probably noticed that the questions in the Bible category could be answered by most junior church kids.  Well, here is a Bible Jeopardy game that is entirely Bible questions (and a bit more challenging than “What was the name of David’s enemy of gigantic proportions?”).  If you’ve got some down time in your cubicle (or wherever your computer is), this sure beats Spider Solitaire.  Have fun!  Click here.


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