Responding Correctly to Your Christian Husband’s Sexual Temptations

blinders1I have posted numerous items on this blog regarding mid-life crisis.  There are many hits every day by women looking for answers as their husbands struggle through this.  Consistently, each day, there are numerous women who google terms like “adultery,” “Christian husband having an affair,” “Christian men and pornography,” “flirting husband,” and the like.  Today I came across an excellent resource  for you, if typing this sort of thing into your search engine has brought you here.

Faith Taylor is the wife of Dean Taylor, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  I was Faith’s successor as Director of Girl’s Extension Ministries at Bob Jones University (Faith and Dean are both grads).  In this challenge, given at a family conference at their church, Faith addresses the natural and supernatural responses a Christian wife can have when (note, I do not say “if”) her husband is tempted in the area of sexual sin.  I highly recommend it.  Faith was able to condense into a mere 57 minutes a great deal of helpful insight and information.  She is very candid, of necessity.  At the conclusion, she also offers some helpful resources.

Click here to listen.  There is also a PDF file if you want to follow along with an outline.

For another great resource, click here for notes on biblically confronting adultery, provided by biblical counselor, Debi Pryde.

For a very helpful internet accountability tool called “Covenant Eyes”, click here.


3 thoughts on “Responding Correctly to Your Christian Husband’s Sexual Temptations

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  2. Husbands really need to be able to bring other men into their struggle so they can find counsel and accountability. Thanks for passing along these resources!

  3. Bro Luke I am pleased you stopped by, and I will gladly endorse “Covenant Eyes”…I think I’ll do a separate post for this and include the YouTube video, so I gets more visibility. Blessings.

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