Nazi Stealth Jets and the Sovereignty of God

You know, I saw this article today about the re-creation of the  Nazi Stealth Jet by Northrop Grumman Corp (there is even a video link with this Fox news article).   National Geographic Channel is airing a special about this on Sunday.  My husband is a big WW2 buff (as is my son, who got a set of DVD’s on D-Day for his 9th birthday), so we look at lots of films about that time period, and documentaries, etc.  When you consider Hitler and the many failed attempts there were  (even from inside his closest ranks) to take his life, and couple that with the wickedness, depravity and disregard for the sanctity of life that characterized his rule, you begin to wonder (not really) who was truly the power at the top of the Third Reich.

Then you see this article, and read interviews about what others project would have been the result if this stealth craft–very similar to our B2 Stealth Bomber–had been mass produced before the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945.  Some say we’d have been toast (a larger version called the “America Bomber” –designed for an east coast attack– was in the works).  Others say we’d all be speaking German today.  I say, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”   Our Almighty God simply said, “Thus far, and no further.”


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