Mid Life Crisis Resources

midlife-crisis-aheadThere have been many hits on the blog by folks looking for information, resources and encouragement regarding mid-life crisis, as a result of this original post concerning how wives can help their husbands through the considerations of mid-life.

In an effort to give further help, I scooted around the web a bit.  I learned about this resource from David Tripp, entitled “Lost in the Middle.”  This was recommended in a forum I trust.  And here is a web site for “Lost in the Middle” conference, with some helpful links.

Another book that has popped up numerous times in my surfing is “Men in Mid-Life Crisis” by Jim Conway.  He has his own web site on this topic as well here. I do not know much at all about this person.  He has been featured by Focus on the Family and some other recognizable media venues.

You may be interested in looking at this brief discussion on the topic as well, at the Sharper Iron blog.

Some sermons on Sermon Audio would include:  “I Am Content With My Inheritance” by Pastor Alan Dunn (Cedarville grad), which is part 2 of 4…the other sermons can be found here.  Another sermon worth your time is this one by Pastor Dean Taylor (BJU grad–pastor of Calvary Baptist in Simpsonville, SC).

Another blog post here for women in mid-life crisis.  Here is another for women, entitled “A Woman, Her Mid-Life Crisis, and the Bible”.

I was also emailing Dr. Jim Berg about this issue, and he suggested the first chapter of his book, “Created for His Glory,” which addresses despair and mid-life crisis.  Here is the link for the free download.

As always, be good Bereans and discern these items through the eyes of scripture.


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