A Spankin’ from Scripture

While gone on his eastern excursion with the kids (he decided to take them to visit some family while I was speaking at a conference), my husband learned of this preacher from a friend.  Now, this friend is Church of God background, so we differ on various points…but, I’ll tell ya, this is some straight preaching.  The preacher’s name is Paul Washer.   Shew.  In my husband’s words (he shared this youtube clip with a coworker),

It is not the “warm fuzzies” most people like hearing, but it is the Scripture, served straight and pure. It may offend a lot of folks, But it is TRUTH , that is able to set us free. My toes feel pretty flat, this is a very convicting message.


3 thoughts on “A Spankin’ from Scripture

  1. Hi Diane— Paul Washer is a part of Grace Life Church, and the leader of HeartCry Missionary Society. These groups are not fundamentalist (which is why most fundamentalists have never heard of him), but they are very conservative, Bible focused, and consistent with Baptist doctrine. Our church men go to a conference at Muscle Shoals each year.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the “specs”. 🙂 After we first listened to his message, we looked him up to check out his connections…we noticed the drum set etc. in the background on this particular video, and figured he wasn’t from our typical circles…but he certainly has a message worth hearing. He has strong views on Osteen and some other things that helped me understand and appreciate a bit better where he’s coming from. Like I said, “Shew”. My laptop is still glowing. 🙂

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