On Diapering Babies and Other Father’s Day Stuff

babychangingmat_FullJust a couple things to spiff up your celebration this Sunday (which also happens to be my son’s birthday…and our Pastor’s birthday as well!).

Click here to find instructions on doing a framed wordle print.  If you don’t know what a wordle is, there is one right at the top of my sidebar.  A wordle is simply taking random text (a poem, a letter, a scripture passage…) and arranging it in a collage.  The words occurring most frequently will appear most prominently.  To make my wordle, I cut and pasted the text from the Proverbs 31 woman.  It is easy!  I made one and framed it for my secret sister for Mother’s Day this year.  It looks great, and is very inexpensive (making the wordle online is free).

Click here for a Father’s Day coupon book.

If you click here, you’ll find instructions for a Father’s Day t-shirt.  We made one of these the year our Kate was born (we did a footprint instead of a handprint for her), and my sweetie loved it!

To find Father’s Day quotes, click here. From this page, I found this charming “take” from Dad on diapering a baby:

Spread the diaper in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher’s mound. Put first base and third together, bring up home plate and pin the three together. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again. ~Jimmy Piersal, on how to diaper a baby, 1968

How about making a Father’s Day award with this generator by clicking here.

Happy planning!


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