Sunday Hymnary: “Come Ye Yourselves Apart” by Ed­ward H. Bick­er­steth, Jr., in Songs in the House of Pil­grim­age, 1872.

In searching for a text for this weekend, I stumbled upon this.  How appropriate, with an eye toward the next few days’ time set aside for this purpose.  The saying is, “Come apart, before you come apart!”  The title for this text is taken from Mark 6:31, and if you look at the context, you see that this time apart may not be days or weeks…it may be hours or mere moments.  For the disciples, it was the length of a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee.  Yet, however brief, it was in His presence.  I think this is an especially precious consolation for busy mothers…He can take those little snatches of time and make them deeply sweet and meaningful, when they are offered by a thirsty soul.

Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile;
Weary, I know it, of the press and throng,
Wipe from your brow the sweat and dust of toil,
And in My quiet strength again be strong.

Come ye aside from all the world holds dear,
For converse which the world has never known,
Alone with Me and with My Father here,
With Me and with My Father not alone.

Come, tell Me all that ye have said and done,
Your victories and failures, hopes and fears.
I know how hardly souls are wooed and won:
My choicest wreaths are always wet with tears.

Come ye and rest: the journey is too great,
And ye will faint beside the way and sink:
The Bread of Life is here for you to eat,
And here for you the Wine of Love to drink.

Then, fresh from converse with your Lord, return
And work till daylight softens into ev’n;
The brief hours are not lost in which ye learn
More of your Master and His rest in Heav’n.


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