Friends, could I ask you to pray?

CBR003000The Gemstone/Whetstone conference at Red Cliff Bible Camp begins on Monday.  In recent years I have not been physically strong, and am prone to migraines when under stress and lacking sleep.  This week has been a challenge.  Will you pray with me for these sessions?  It is good to be weak…I am learning to embrace it.  His glory increases as I decrease.  Oh, that I could “disappear” entirely!

This will be attended primarily by ministry wives.  Some of the subject matter is sensitive and perhaps will overstep the bounds of some “comfort zones” a bit more than what is customary.  It is needful.  I have been burdened for this for several years.  These are the sessions for which I am responsible:

Monday, June 15th

6:45 pm   Session I  “I Love Me, I Love Me Not—Understanding Agape”

Tuesday, June 16th

7:00 am   Session III ” Purity Through the Eyes of Love” [Rom 12:1-10]

10:45 am Session V “Loving Things—The Pull of Materialism”

3:30 pm   Group Discussion—“Loving Life—Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry and Me”

8:00 pm   Session VII “Guarding Love—Protecting Your Heart & Marriage”

Wednesday, June 17th

7:00  am  Session VIII “Keeping and Saving in Love—Your Ministry According to Jude 20-25”

9:15 am   Session IX “ Love Manifested—Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution”

Please, will you pray for hearts to be prepared, for physical strength in ministering there, as well as for driving the several hours to and from, for cleansing, for wisdom and discernment in delivery.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Friends, could I ask you to pray?

  1. It was largely an exercise in weakness. Very scantily attended, but I tried to give my best in spite of going up with only 6 hrs of sleep over the weekend, and not sleeping at all while there. God helped me to push through my sessions and I hope they were a blessing. The camp staff girls sat in on the purity sessions…these were the ones about which I felt the most oppression. God provided for me to ride with my pastor and his wife, and we had great fellowship coming and going, and this relieved me from having to drive 4 hrs with a migraine coming down off the mountain on muddy roads. I had two days to recover when I got home, so I could be at my best for my family upon their return. I value everyone’s prayers. I cannot imagine the outcome, had it not been for the intercession of faithful folks (and thanks, Michelle).

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