Strength Email Archives: “Devotion”

j0382868According to Webster, the word devotion means:

The fact or state of being ardently [okay, let’s define this one too… “characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in eager zealous support or activity”] dedicated and loyal.

Does this describe your daily time with God, and it’s lasting effect upon you throughout the day?  I came across two lists of questions for self-examination from a precious little book entitled, “Private Devotion” by Hannah More (published 1853).  If you think you are “devoted”…print out this email and sit down with these ideas and your Bible close-by.  They are soul-searching thoughts that require honesty on our part–and will in turn cultivate the victorious life we all yearn for.  Take a look:

Questions for Morning:

  1. Have I this morning sought of the Lord his special grace and protection for the day?
  2. Am I going forth in my own strength, or simply looking to God alone to help and deliver?
  3. Am I so sensible of my own weakness as ever [always] to watch and pray?
  4. Am I living by faith in a daily and simple dependence on God?
  5. Do I constantly remember that I am accountable to God for a right improvement of the talents entrusted to me? [think of the parable of the talents in Mt. 25]
  6. Have I determined to lay myself out [think Rom.12:1] this day for the glory of God?
  7. Are all the faculties of my soul engaged to render affectionate, intelligent, sincere and resolute service?
  8. Have I resolved in the strength of God, to forsake all sins, however dear to me, particularly my besetting sin, whether it be pride, envy, malice, covetousness, impurity, fear of man, or any other sin?
  9. Is it my constant desire to abstain from the very appearance of evil, and to keep myself unspotted from the world?

And if these weren’t enough to think about (!)…Click to go on to “Questions for the Evening”…

Questions for the Evening

  1. Did I this morning make my resolution to walk closely with God, in dependence on his gracious assistance?
  2. Have I this day put up petitions against my besetting sins?
  3. What have I committed, and what omitted today?
  4. What mercies have I received this day–Answers to prayer, Deliverance from evil, Common or remarkable blessings?
  5. What have I done this day for the glory of God or the good of my fellow creatures; or what opportunities have I neglected of promoting them?
  6. Have I been enabled this day willingly to take up my cross?
  7. Have I been watching today against the first risings of pride and worldly-mindedness?  Have I guarded against the appearance of evil?
  8. Have I kept up a lively and humble dependence upon the Divine influence, in the duty and emergencies of the day?
  9. With what success have I encountered the sins to which my circumstances or constitution most incline me?
  10. Have I been looking to Jesus as my righteousness, my strength, and my example?
  11. How have I improved my time this day?  Have I made any progress in religion?  Have I thought of Death and Judgment?  Have I walked with God?
  12. Have I this day tried to mortify sin?
  13. Have I prayed, and how?  Have I read the Scriptures, and how?

We know how to devote ourselves to our loved ones…let’s demonstrate our truest and best “devotion” to our wonderful God.


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