“Strength” Email Update

This is a formal notice for those who were on my “Strength” email list.

All of my former “Strength for Today” email recipients have been supplied with links to this blog for nearly a year now.  With the recent demise of my entire address book, and no hope for recovery in sight, I have taken this as a divine directive.  The email has been sent out for over ten years now, long before I had a blog or even knew what one was. With the birth of the “Strength” blog, I began doing double-duty with weekly posts as well as monthly emails.  I need to downsize, as I have run out of hands to spin all the “plates” in my life.

So, if you’ve been wondering where May’s email is…it was not sent.  If you desire to access past issues, they will all be posted in the archives category on this blog…as soon as I can scrape them together (yes, I lost the folder I was storing them in during our “crash” as well).

Thanks for your patience.  I hope you find strength and encouragement in all the great resources and links here at the blog.

In His Strength, and for Yours,



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