Nertz. [Sticky post–see below for new postings]

j0284000This is a word my Dad used…sorta like “nuts” or “rats”…and I have good reason to use it today.  Our computer is limping along and we are trying to do what we can to help it through its mid-life crisis (after all, it is over 5 years old).  But, while playing the triage game, we lost all my Outlook Express folders as well as my address book.  I am trying to think happy thoughts, but it is not easy.  We did not lose my Word documents, though, and that is a mercy.

All this to say, if you were receiving the monthly “Strength” email, your name has been vaporized and more than likely I don’t have your address memorized.  Would you do me a favor and go to  the email page in the left side bar and shoot off a little thing to me reminding me of your email?  I am really sad about this, because there were probably close to 200 names in that list alone.


If you have any brilliant ideas, I’m all ears.



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