“Leading in Love”–Gemstone (& Whetstone) Conference

CB108154A gorgeous Wyoming mountain setting, teaching and prayer with folks who care for your ministry and understand your needs, great food and fellowship.  Sound good?  Exciting plans are coming together for the Gemstone Conference in June!  This conference is June 15-17, and will be quite intensive.  Below you will see the speaking schedule for the Gemstone side of the Conference–ladies sessions are in italics (the Whetstone Conference for men will be held simultaneously, and several men will be sharing the speaking responsibilities on that end).  There are 9 sessions (Monday dinner to Wednesday lunch) in these few days…a couple are even offered before breakfast so we can squeeze in the most “bang for the buck.”  The conference is open for Pastors, deacons, laymen and their wives.  Be advised, though, that I have been informed that this is “dormitory accomodations only”–in other words, girls with girls, and boys with boys. 😉

The cost per person is $85 (registration is $25 and camp fee is $60).  For reservation information, please go to www.redcliffcamp.org .  I’d appreciate prayer as I try and juggle life here and prepare for this event.  I have more than my share of plates spinning right now; but God’s grace will be sufficient for each 5-minute span of time. 🙂

Here is the Gemstone speaking schedule:

Monday June 15th:

  • 6:45 pm–“I Love Me, I Love Me Not–Understanding Agape”
  • 8:00 pm–Speaker

Tuesday, June 16

  • 7 am–“Loving Others–The ‘One Another’ Passages”
  • 9:15–Speaker
  • 10:45–“Loving Things–The Pull of Materialism”
  • 3:30 pm–Group Discussion, “”Loving Life–Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry and Me”
  • 6:45–Speaker
  • 8 pm–“Guarding Love–Protecting Your Heart & Marriage”

Wednesday, June 17

  • 7:00–“Keeping and Saving in Love-Your Ministry According to Jude 20-25”
  • 9:15–” Love Manifested-Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution”

Look interesting?  If you are in the Intermountain West, or planning to be here, I’d love to see you there!


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