Looking Toward Easter With Clear Vision and Tender Heart–This Will Inspire You, Guaranteed.

j0435912I just came across this poem yesterday.  If Easter has become mundane to you, because of all the busyness that surrounds it, or because commercialism has caused your spirits to flag, or you are feeling a distance or coldness in your heart–whatever the reason– you must read this.  I emailed this link (the piece is under copyright) to a friend, saying,

…attached is one of the most powerful things I have ever read (apart from scripture) with regard to the message of Christ’s sacrifice. It is lengthy, but, boy does it preach. If this piece reflects the heart of its author (I can only assume it does), it is no wonder to me that his earthly life was abbreviated and Jesus said, “where I am, there may [he] be also.”

Read it by clicking here.


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