I Loved This

42-15850270There is a dear older man in our church, very humble, soft-spoken, unassuming.  He did our Sunday school opening yesterday for the adult class.  I got done with the children’s opening early, and was privileged to get into the main auditorium in time to sit down, settle myself, and hear this gem.  He was speaking of the great importance of reading the Word of God, with tears and great passion.

This is simple.  It does not smack of intellectualism, which I find refreshing.  It was straight and to the point.  I liked it a lot:

“We have not passed this way before…we need instructions.”

Sometimes we have taken a drive and chosen an unfamiliar road, just to see where it went.  That’s fun…until you get lost on a lonely stretch of highway after dark.  I won’t get into the whole “men don’t ask for directions” thing; but you  know, it is much easier to revel in the “joys of the road” when you know where you’re going, or at least have the assistance of some good halogen headlights for those hairpin curves.  “Lamp unto my feet, light unto my path.”

Have you lived this day of this year of your life before?  Have you been exactly this many days and hours old before?  Have you experienced precisely today’s set of circumstances at any other time in your life?  Do you know what will happen in the next five minutes?

Then, you need instructions.


2 thoughts on “I Loved This

  1. I love the simplicity of this truth. May I use it as an opening for my young ladies’ Sunday School class? My class begins this Sunday, and I will have 10 beautiful girls 7th-12th graders who have a long untraveled road ahead of them–if the Lord tarries! Three of the girls attend public school and the rest are home schooled. My vision is for them to hear instruction from the Word to formulate personal convictions based on God’s unchanging Word to keep them pure and unspotted from the world as they grow into vessels fit for the Master’s use.

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