CB006554I have been reading “Rose From Brier” by Amy Carmichael.  I am delighted to recommend it to anyone who is in need of some “hearty counsel” for the soul on the sick bed.  You can purchase this gem by clicking here.  This is written from the trenches…it is not the words of the well to the suffering.  I cannot begin to express to you the healing that it has brought to my heart.  This passage in particular was so heartening to me, and perhaps will be also to one of you who is now feeling “laid aside.”

I have told how the stock phrase about “enforced rest” rankled on a day when half of my kneaded matter was held fast in iron, and the other half lay in a lassitude that was very far from rest. Another of those flying words addressed to the sick came in letter occasionally; it was about being “laid aside.” It was the sort of thing one might say to a cracked china cup: “Poor dear, you  are laid aside.” But then the Lord’s servant is not a china cup. He (she) is a soldier. Soldiers may be wounded in battle and sent to hospital. A hospital isn’t a shelf; it is a place of repair. And a soldier on service in the spiritual army is never off his battlefield. He is only removed to another part of the field when a wound interrupts what he meant to do, and sets him doing something else… No soldier on service is ever “laid aside”; he is only given another commission, sometimes just to suffer (we are not told yet the use of that), sometimes, when pain and weakness lessen a little, to fight among the unseen forces of the field. Never, never is he shelved as of no further use to his Beloved Captain. ~Amy Carmichael

I wish I could hug her.


2 thoughts on “Shelved?

  1. Diane,
    Thank you so much, never realized that Amy Carmichael was an author. I am a Sunday School teacher at Hopewell Baptist Church in Napa, California and am going to start teaching a flannelgraph about Amy Carmichael. Was just doing a little research to try and find out a little more about her and to find some pictures of her.

    The exerpt from her book “Rose from Brier” is just for me as well. I feel like I have been shelved as I have heard church members and even some pastors use this term “shelved”. It was so comforting to see what Amy felt about this term and to say that actually a child of God is never shelved, just recuperating. It warmed and encouraged my heart so much, at a time when I need this message the most. Thank you so much!!!


  2. I am grateful it ministered to your heart. Amy Carmichael was a wonderful, insightful author and poet (“Flame of God” and “Hast Thou No Scar” are two of my favorites). An amazing lady.


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