Sunday Hymnary: “O Savior, Whose Mercy, Severe in Its Kindness” by Robert Grant, (1778-1838)

“O Savior! whose mercy, severe in its kindness,
Has chastened my wanderings, and guided my way,
Adored be the power which illumined my blindness,
And weaned me from phantoms that smiled to betray.”

“Enchanted with all that was dazzling and fair,
I followed the rainbow- I caught at the toy,
And still in displeasure, your goodness was there,
Disappointing the hope, and defeating the joy.”

“The blossom blushed bright, but a worm was below;
The moonlight shone fair- there was blight in the beam;
Sweet whispered the breeze, but it whispered of woe;
And bitterly flowed in the soft flowing stream.”

“So cured of my folly, yet cured but in part,
I turned to the refuge your pity displayed;
And still did this eager and credulous heart
Weave visions of promise, that bloomed but to fade.”

“I thought that the course of the pilgrim to heaven
Would be bright as the summer, and glad as the morn;
You showed me the path- it was dark and uneven
All rugged with rock, and all tangled with thorn.”

“I dreamed of celestial rewards and renown;
I grasped at the triumph which blesses the brave;
I asked for the palm-branch, the robe, and the crown;
I asked- and you showed me a cross and a grave.”

“Subdued and instructed, at length, to your will,
My hopes and my longings I sincerely would resign;
O give me the heart that can wait and be still,
Nor know of a wish or a pleasure but Thine!”

There are mansions exempted from sin and from woe,
But they stand in a region by mortals untrod
There are rivers of joy, but they roll not below;
There is rest, but it dwells in the presence of God.”


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