In Due Season


[Tho this is somewhat of a repeat, I felt led to post it… perhaps someone needs its encouragement today.]

This picture is of my mom, at age 84, being baptized by my brother Dave Cannon (this was taken when he was still on pastoral staff at Grace Church of Mentor, OH; but now he is pastoring Calvary Baptist Church in Hollister CA–for those who may know him).  If you had asked me 30 years ago, if I’d ever have seen this day, I would have said no.  Even just 5 years ago, my mom considered herself to be a “good Christian,” convinced that her own good works could buy her way to heaven.  God works miraculously, though…and after my Dad’s death she began to search in her own private way.  After she moved in with us, the inquiries became more and more frequent, until they literally reached the point of  “What must I do to be saved?”  She trusted Christ (she had begun to read the Bible through, the year before), and flew out to OH to be baptized by my brother. Talk about sweet opportunities.  That was back in 2005.

When mom moved in with us, I took over doing her books.  I went through all the old files, combing through papers and ledgers in my dad’s angular scrawl.  I miss him greatly.  Just for sentiment’s sake, I opened a little pocket calendar of his, from 2004.  I wanted to see what he was doing in those months that led up to his accident…and really, just to see his writing again.  In October of that year, there was an entry in big capital letters (and circled boldly) that read, “SINNER’S PRAYER”.  This was just a few days after he had met with Pastor Bob Potter in Mentor, OH.  The same entry was written in the block for the following Sunday.  My Dad had trusted Christ,  just a little less than two months shy of his fall, which ushered him into a coma.  I had suspected as much, just by his demeanor and interest in spiritual things when we would talk on the phone.  What a treasure to have this testimony to hold in my hands.

Why do I post this on the blog?  Well, perhaps you’ve been praying for a relative, that they might see their need of a Savior.  Maybe you got together with relatives over Christmas, and you are feeling discouraged…that they will never understand…that they are beyond hope.    But He is the God of hope.  Keep praying, keep loving them, keep faithful in ministering the Word when you can.  “God specializes in things thought impossible,” as the song goes.

There are still others in our families we are praying for. I want to follow George Muller’s example and pray in faith, believing.  Believing.  You too?  Let me know how I can pray for you, or your loved ones.


6 thoughts on “In Due Season

  1. What a wonderful testimony, Diane.

    My father was saved at the age of 61 after coming to visit us and falling gravely ill. My pastor at that time (Dr. Minnick) visited him in ICU each day, then when he was moved to a private room had an extended visit with him. When we came in that day he boldly told us he had accepted the Lord that day. I was almost bowled over — he was probably the one I would have considered the “hardest.” Though he never really took off in spiritual growth like I would have liked, there were definite differences, and I feel as sure as we can about anyone else’s heart that he believed. He passed away six years later.

    My mother didn’t want to talk about it directly, and just last night I was wrestling with whether I still should have “pushed” a little more. I wrote frequently about salvation and sent her Christian fiction I had read which included clear salvation experiences, and she devoured them. Her views and many things in her life did change in the last several years before she died, and it is my hope that in the quietness of her heart at home at some point that she did believe. She did give evidence of it, but it would be nice to know of a definite time.

    Most of the rest of my family is unsaved — some profess to be but I am afraid just went through the motions years ago — I can’t know their hearts, of course, but there is no outward evidence that they know or love the Lord. I’ve been burdened to pray that this would be the year some (all?) of them would believe — definite, genuine, clear, God-glorifying conversions. I can’t help but feel the time is close for the Lord’s return, and until then none of us has the promise of another breath, and I am so burdened for them.

  2. Diane, thank you for posting this. I am praying for you today, as your mom will soon be ushered into Glory. I am also praying for my grandpa. I have sent letters explaining the plan of salvation, but have not heard from him one way or the other. He has dementia and is in his late 80s, so I am very concerned for him. Thank you for encouraging me not to give up home.

  3. Emily,
    I am glad this could be an encouragement to you. I will pray right now for your grandpa. The Bible says that if we are looking for Him, He will be found. There is no fine print.

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