Take Time


My aerobics program

Having a baby forces you to slow down.  At regular intervals, I found myself in “the chair” for feedings, or getting Kate to drop off to sleep.  I think God designed it that way so that weary moms, overwrought with the cares of the home and childrearing (not to mention post-partum fall out) would get a few skinny minutes to calm their minds.  I am now finding that having a toddler slows me down, too.  “What? Are you nuts?” you may say.   Yes, I do my share of chasing, too.   I tell folks that Kate is my aerobics program. 😉  But, I also consider this…what does she like to do?  Read a book, snuggle, take walks during which we have to stop and look at rocks and bugs and clouds (not much “profitable” exercise in such a stroll, but heaps of memories are made this way).

Kate wants my time.  She often will take my face in her little hands and turn it toward hers when I am at the computer.  Ron Hamilton’s song “Cherish the Moment” always brings tears to my eyes…because it is true.  I’ll soon look back and wistfully wish for these moments again…though now, in my busyness, they can be camoflaged as “annoyances”.  We lose so much in our hurrying.  We long for the feel of that nostalgic front porch swing–to actually sit down for a spell and kick our shoes off.

This is an excellent old hymn text for the new year.  Endeavor to take time for what matters.

Take time for the tender word,

Take time, lest a heart should break,

Take time to say that your own has been stirred,

Take time for the Master’s sake.

Take time for the upward look,

Take time for the whispered prayer,

Take time to seek in the old, old book

The comfort that lightens care.

Take time for the land beyond,

Take time for its hills are nigh,

Take time to view it with longing fond,

For all must take time to die.

Take time, take time,

Take time lest your haste ye rue,

Take time for living while yet in life,

Take time for the pure and true.


2 thoughts on “Take Time

  1. This is a link to “Pentecostal Hymns”, where this text appears. No, I’m not Pentecostal; but I do glean some wonderful hymn texts from a wide variety of sources. Enjoy.

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