Eternity’s Carol

j04387201I will warn you, I am not what you’d call a gifted poet.  Most of my attempts are lukewarm and lazy.  This is something I tapped out probably in the wee hours of my last trimester carrying Kate.  An expectant mother is much more muse-worthy than the average person…just ask any mother. 🙂  If you get some enjoyment or a sense of “being there” from this, my heart will be blessed.

Once, on a hill where earth touched the night,

A wondrous star shone with heaven’s pure light,

While in a stable Infinity slept,

And promises in Mary’s heart were kept.

God’s Son arrived from His heavenly hall,

“Emmanuel” had come to all;

Shepherd and beast were the first ones to see

Love’s greatest Gift, sleeping peacefully.

Mary looked down at the Babe on her knee,

Into the eyes of Eternity,

This was her Son, and the Savior of men,

Foretold long ago by Isaiah’s  pen.

Jesus was born for you and for me–

King of all kings, forever to be!

He, for our sakes, on the cross wore a crown,

Borne also for souls in that Bethlehem town.

Once, on a hill where earth touched the sky

Angels beheld Christ the Lord, lifted high–

There, on the cross, God’s Gift suffered and died;

For each shepherd and wise man, was crucified.

And, just as the Magi, we, too, bow the knee,

To worship the Christ for eternity!


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