Christmas Freebies Are Here!

42-15592329For those of you who do not receive the monthly “Strength” email, here are the freebies I recently sent out to the gals on that mailing list.  Enjoy!

Christian Growth and Edification:  

Homeschool Helps:

For the Little Girl in you:

For the Homebody in You:

Before you forward that “forwarded forward” (tools to help the truth set you free!):

Something fun:   Try making a “wordle” like this:  

Go to (it’s free–the images you create are free to use any way you like–you might be able to make some neat Christmas gifts this way) and insert any text (remove numbers and chapter headings for best results).  You can tweak it in the colors and format you like.  It will take the words and arrange them with the most prominent ones in larger fonts.  It’s kinda neat.  I did this one with the text about the virtuous woman in Prov 31.  

The Best of Christmas Blessings to You,



2 thoughts on “Christmas Freebies Are Here!

  1. Here’s another great one to organize the people around you. It’s a great (and free) tool to share calendars, sign up sheets, photos, files and more. Also has a group email feature too so you can communicate amongst your various groups in your life.

    Great list by the way!

  2. Thanks for another great site, Mikolina…and here’s one I found out about yesterday:

    This is an online scrapbooking site which allows you to post your creations to your blog or web site, and also to print them out to put in existing books or to give as gifts! Always trying to save a few pennies…I know you all are too–especially this Christmas!

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