The Quotable Husband


My husband, Patrick

Ya know, my sweetie can be downright eloquent at times.  He has a brilliant mind.  He is inspiring as a preacher and invaluable as a technician.  His mind works in such a way that details and intricacies that others may miss are obvious and instructive to him.  He is a “plugger” and a good soldier.  And he’s kinda cute too.  I like having him around. =)

We have had some significant challenges in our home in recent weeks and months, and Patrick sent this message to encourage me yesterday [his thoughts were previously reflecting on Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis”, to which he alludes below…you’ll probably recognize the opening few words:  “These are the times that try men’s souls…”]:

…life is a spiritual battle. As soldiers of the Cross, we cannot lose heart just because things aren’t going well or to our liking. Sometimes, life is just plain hard. True soldiers “endure hardness”– they fight the battle and follow the Commander even when outnumbered and outsized. I am seeing in “the summer soldier and sunshine patriot….”  the idea that many desire God’s plan when in sunshine and plenty. It is in the lean times, the hard times, when you can be fed by ravens. In prosperity we would scoff at the notion of eating from the beak. We would be too proud.

There are times to fight. Unfortunately, we have a NATURAL tendency to fight too readily. I will seek the Spirits leading, and follow the course that I am at peace with— even if that were a course of “war”. God will supply and He will keep us. Even if it means default and embarrassment, if God desires me to learn something this way, so be it. I don’t give up easily.

 May the Most High God never call me a “fair weather friend”.


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