“Where Has All the Mentoring Gone?”

Here is a link to an article by Julia Bettencourt, author of the Creative Ladies Ministry web site.  It addresses mentoring women.  Now that my daughter is on the precipice of teenagerhood, and I am also entering the arena of “older women” (okay, I’m not yet 50, but I’ve got plenty of gray hairs!), I am considering more and more this skill of “leading the younger”.  This is an excellent resource.  You’ll find a link to her site at the right. 

I have used Julia’s things many times, and it would be well worth your while to go and take a peek at what she offers.  There are tried and true ministry helps, devotionals, banquet themes, printables, skits, poems–all conservatively presented.

Also, for a couple other pages on mentoring, go here and here.  If your mentoring situation is mother/daughter, go to this site to look at “Raising Maidens of Virtue” by Stacey MacDonald.  This book came highly recommended to me; but I have not read it yet–my copy is already on loan! =)  There are other good resources at this literature site, although I would not endorse all of them.  Find a younger woman today (there’s got to be at least one younger than you!) and find a way to make a difference in her life today!


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