Temple Maintenance

I do not claim to be a health expert; but I do know I have encountered numerous health struggles in my life, and I have discovered some invaluable things in my research that, I believe, are meant to bless others as well.  That is, partly, how they end up being “for good”. =)  Our health affects our emotional and spiritual outlook.  It is absolutely worthwhile to make sure we take care of our physical bodies, for many reasons beyond just physical appearance, which is the focus of the world.

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”  1 Cor. 6:19, 20

I think every once in awhile we’ll talk about taking care of these “temples” of ours.  I have had a recent epiphany in this area, and perhaps it may bless someone who is struggling today.  I have alluded to health struggles here and there on the blog.  I am only 46, but have felt at least twice that in recent months.  Migraines, no energy, joint pain, GERD that was becoming painful and debilitating.  Coffee, caffeine, tomato products, anything spicy or with any fat content immediately sent me running for a bottle of something.  My purses and pockets were full of antacids, and I was beginning to not sleep at night.

Here is God’s providence.  I had become so desperate, I was willing to take whatever I had to in order to stop the pain…even OTC meds which I knew had bad side effects.  My husband’s idea was to go to the health food store first and see what they had to say.  The first store we went to had a lady behind the counter who was, well, kind of “out there”.  My husband leaned over to me and said to just purchase what I had in my hand and we’d go somewhere else.  He is so intuitive!  We went to another store down the road a bit, and I could automatically relate to what the owner shared with me of her own testimony.  Gluten intolerance.  God blessed immeasurably as she explained what I needed to try, and she even graciously gave me samples of her own personal inventory to get me going in the right direction.  On the way home, I already felt I had a new lease on life.

Long story short, I have had no more headaches since I began the diet 3 weeks ago.  It took only about 3-4 days to notice significant changes.  Energy is back.  I am sleeping now.  No more GERD.  No more antacids.  And I have lost 11 lbs thus far, without even trying!  Before this, I had just about given up, because nothing seemed to drop the weight I gained with my last pregnancy, two years ago. 

This is a very common thing, but many folks don’t know about it.  The American diet is so crammed with wheat, especially if you are trying to “eat cheap”…pasta, bread, crackers, cereals.  I eliminated wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt.  I also got rid of dairy shortly thereafter (it can contain forms of gluten as well) when I noticed my symptoms would creep back a bit if I had any milk products. 

Now that my energy is back, I can anticipate getting back into walking, free weights, and perhaps biking.  I even have a secret aspiration to get some cross country skis.  Our road would be perfect for it this winter.   My body has become very weak, trying to continually repair itself.  I am so pleased for God’s provision and direction, and that I can look forward to having more vitality, stronger immunity, and greater stamina to keep up with my three kids.  This will enable me to serve Him so much better!

If any of this sounds like you, click here to go to the website of the store where I buy most of my stuff.  There are many helpful resources there that can help you be more informed.  There is hope–be encouraged!  If I can help, either post a comment here, or go to the email form on the “Email” tab above.


2 thoughts on “Temple Maintenance

  1. This is an area that the Lord has really been dealing with me about. The thing that I’ve noticed about believers is that once we’ve said yes to Christ we tend to forget about picking up our mat and walking. We don’t understand that even though He has healed our spirit man, there are some things that we have to do in our physical man so that we can attain true balance. There are three parts of man, body, mind and spirit…all three have to run evenly at the same time. Like the Body of Christ, we are many that make up the whole, so too our bodies have different parts that make up the whole man and it takes real balance in order for us to function as Christ intended for us to function. If there is one thing that we should all take note of it’s the fact that all of the people in the Bible were pretty much physically fit, in some cases they were great physical specimens, if you will. That should be our guide as to where we need to be. If we desire to grow strong in the Lord and the power of His might, then we need to undertake the job of giving Him something to work with.

  2. These are interesting observations. I would ask about your comment, “the fact that all of the people in the Bible were pretty much physically fit, in some cases they were great physical specimens, if you will.” When you say, “all”, to whom are you referring? I believe this is a pretty broad statement to make, since we have Eglon for instance, who was morbidly obese. There were many in Bible accounts…even if you restrict your thoughts to “believers,” who had health issues. Jesus healed scores of people. Disease and physical malady are a direct result of the fall, and no respecter of persons. Even what we would term as “perfect health” is not, well, perfect. Perhaps you can help me understand your meaning more clearly?

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