Sunday Hymnary: “Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest” by Isaac Watts, 1707

I know I said I’d offer these hymn texts with no commentary; but I can’t help myself.  Maybe I need another category for “Sunday Soapbox” posts. =)  For many of us, the Lord’s Day is not exactly “restful”.  Too many events, programs, “spinning plates”.  Maybe it would be wise to schedule a “Day of Rest Sunday” once in awhile, when we simply come together as a church family, sing praises, hear his Word, have some prayer together, and go home.  Is this impossible in our modern age?  I don’t know.  But I believe we’ve convinced ourselves that church life must include all the “bells and whistles”, or we haven’t had church.  “More is better”.  I vote for slowing down.  Simply worship.  The ideas below bring a calm to my spirit.  Perhaps they will for you too.

Welcome, sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes!

The King Himself comes near,
And feasts His saints today;
Here we may sit, and see Him here,
And love, and praise, and pray.

One day in such a place,
Where my dear God hath been,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days
Of pleasurable sin.

My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,
And sit and sing herself away
To everlasting bliss.


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