Selah: “The Kind of Prayer That Makes Hell Gasp”

This is a quote from Erwin Lutzer’s How to Say No to a Stubborn Habit, in which he describes what he calls “the kind of prayer that makes Hell gasp”: 

 “And when you are going to deal with sin, you have to deal with it thoroughly. Jesus said we should be willing to cut off our arm or pluck out our eye. Of course, He’s speaking symbolically. But what He’s saying in the strongest possible language is this: “Do whatever is necessary to keep from stumbling and falling back into the pit.”


Consider that one area of your life that plagues you with failure before the Lord.  Will you pray this way today…really mean business….pray with such resolve that it grabs the attention of the adversary?  If you are willing to engage in such a commitment, know that God is greater…than the strength of your flesh, than the pull of outside forces, than the influence of others, than “he who is in the world”.  If I can pray with you, please use this form and send me an email:



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