Over Easy: “What’s in a Name?”

Melon head.  Shrew.  Amazon.  Pear-shape.  Boo.  Sweetie-pie.  Boom-boom.

These are all handles I have borne at some point or other through my life.  Some are more becoming or palatable than others, to be sure.  In case you are wondering, the first was a term of endearment from my brother.  Maybe my head was big…I think I’ve grown into it–though some may debate it.  “Shrew” was a name two boys called me in study hall, during those impressionable Jr. High years when such utterances burn into the soul…so deeply that you remember them ever after.  “Amazon” was a title bequethed to me by yet another one of those charming-type young men…but this was in high school (yes, I am tall…nearly 6 foot…which is glaringly signifcant in a Dutch community in PA); but if that young man had given that term a look-see, he may have been mortified at the anatomical requirements thereof. 

“Pear shape” (yes, I am a pear, not an apple), “Boo” and “Sweetie Pie” were sweet nothings from the lips of my Daddy.  And “Boom Boom”…(my maiden name is Cannon…and, no, I was not in roller derby in my former life) was coined one day in my Junior High English class by none other than my teacher.  In hindsight, I realize now that he was wet behind the ears, and trying to score points with the students by bestowing humorous names upon his squirming students.  I was painfully shy, and he did not score any har-dee-har-har points with me.  Thankfully, the name wafted on the breeze only in that classroom, and did not make it’s way into the hallways of Emmaus Jr. High.

Names are sometimes descriptive of appearance.  Sometimes of character.  Sometimes parents choose their children’s names because of a desired association.  Other times we can unearth no possible clue for the title of choice…in this generation, it seems “the weirder and harder to spell, the better” is the rule of thumb.

God has given us many names for Himself that are so beautifully descriptive, and serve to give a full mental picture of His greatness and goodness.  Here are a few for your encouragement today:

name of God my Father…
Jehovah Tsidkenu Sees His righteousness in me.
Jehovah Ma-Kaddesh Helps me to change and be more pleasing to Him.
Jehovah Shalom Dispels all of my fears.
Jehovah Shammah Is with me everywhere.
Jehovah Rophe    Can fix anything that needs restoration.
Jehovah Jireh  Already knows my needs and will meet them.
Jehovah Nissi  Is the One I can run to in trouble.
Jehovah Rohi  Is my loving Protector.
El Roi Is never surprised or caught off-guard.
El Shaddai Is, in Himself, everything I need.
Adonai Cherishes me as His prized possession.
El Elyon Is always right!  There is no one greater.
Elohim  Has a purpose for me.
Jehovah Is Who He says He is.
Jehovah Sabaoth Has all power at His disposal.

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