Praise Ye Jehovah

Some of you are already aware of this series of blessings in our lives; but I wanted to post this here as well.  “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!”  This is cut and pasted from a couple emails I sent out this week.  Some of it is very candid…but I believe especially in our generation, people need to see the realness of God in the lives of believers.

This is unbelievable. My husband was looking at the possibility of yet again finding a new job.  The hours just were not coming in at the present shop.  He mentioned to his boss last week that he was going to have to begin looking for another job, since were were not covering our bills adequately.  Today there was a note with his pay slip asking him to wait on looking around because they wanted to keep him at the shop.    Long story short, he had a talk with the boss this afternoon.  He was given a $1,000 bonus on today’s paycheck.  They gave him the used car off the lot that we had been hoping to purchase with the sale of Patrick’s current commuter (this car has 4wd, and will be a big help once the snow flies), and they also have made a deal with him that will adequately cover our monthly bills and allow us to make some headway.  Amazing.  We are speechless. 

There were some very deep waters last weekend, but He has carried me through.  Migraine, depression, fears…and cruel adversarial opposition in the midst that nearly broke my heart.  But God shone His light and helped me to see things for what they were.  Provided some defining moments regarding what “living by faith” means for our family, and what my personal challenges mean for me.  The chorus, “Behold, behold, God is my salvation…I will trust and not be afraid…” was a comfort.  That is even more of a triumph than the material blessings He chose to share with us yesterday.

Oh, God is so merciful.  He hears us when we cry to Him.  Praise Him with us.   ~Diane for Heeneys all 


2 thoughts on “Praise Ye Jehovah

  1. Thank you so much!
    My weekend, too, was filled with depression and fears. I am so very grateful for God’s loving kindness. He showed me that my fears were unfounded. Could they have happened, sure, buy God was in control of that!
    He also showed me the hindsight of why some things happened to me in my past. I never thought I would thank Him for those things, but today I can cheer those experiences because they resulted in my finding Jesus Christ. I am continually amazed by God and His workmanship!
    We had a guest speaker a while back, Rueben Ewert (I think is his first name) who said that 99% of the things we worry about never happen. What a waste of time and energy! It is almost like having an idol called worry. We put worry before trust in God, so, that would be an idol I think.
    Yikes! Do I have some things to work on! 😉
    Diane, I so appreciate the time and effort that you put into your sight, your ministry is a gift from God that I am so grateful you chose to unwrap!

  2. The “worry idol”…I think most women possess one of these…tho some may be stashed ‘way in the back, on the top shelf of the closet. =)

    Bless you, as you grow and learn to trust Him more. You have lots of company on the journey.

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